Press release 'Golden Future' by visual artist Claire Verkleij of Let The Colors Speak at Pelusa in Amsterdam


Exhibition 'Golden Future' about growth, hope, expectations, opportunities and enjoyment

What do Amsterdam Noord, Gastropub Pelusa and Let The Colors Speak have in common? All three are new, emerging and developing! Inspired by this, visual artist Claire Verkleij has created five paintings. Growth, hope, expectations, opportunities and enjoyment are the words that resonate with seeing the paintings. The theme of the exhibition is 'Golden Future' and can be seen from March 8 to April 30 in the new Gastropub Pelusa in Amsterdam North.

Visiting address of the exhibition:
Gastropub Pelusa, Leen Jongewaardkade 41 1031HS Amsterdam. For opening hours and more information, visit

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Additional explanation about the exhibition

The exhibition is composed of 5 paintings. The Golden Future theme can be recognized in the paintings. Growth, hope, expectations, opportunities and enjoyment are the words that resonate with seeing the paintings. Amsterdam Noord, Pelusa and Let The Colors Speak are all new, emerging and under development. The sometimes erratic path of starting something new and the challenges that come with shaping new developments has formed the inspiration for creating the paintings. Enjoying life should not be forgotten.

How did the exhibition come about?
Claire Verkleij: “Pelusa is a new gastro pub in Amsterdam North. A super inspiring place, designed by architect Vasd Interieur & Architecture. I thought it would be wonderful to be able to hang my paintings here.

How did you arrive at the Golden Future theme?
Claire Verkleij: “Growing and creating new opportunities, discovering new paths, it is part of life. You should not forget about enjoying the good life. Everyone wants a Golden Future, but also enjoy the road to it!

Pelusa is a place to enjoy delicious pure food and special drinks. It offers refinement and surprise, pure enjoyment. This ties in with the theme of the Golden Future exhibition.

Pelusa and Let The Colors Speak are a good combination
Ruud (one of the owners of Pelusa): “Stimulate all the senses. That is what we want to offer our guests. Spontaneously fermented drinks such as natural wines, cider or a blend are on our drinks menu. An open fire barbecue and weekly changing dishes. We stand for good and tasty food, special drinks, good music and art.

The Golden Future theme and the works of visual artist Claire Verkleij fit in well with Pelusa. Art is part of the beautiful things in life. Enjoy good food and drinks, music and art; a combination that reinforces each other! Come by and experience Pelusa!

More information & images
Let The Colors Speak,
Claire Verkleij

More information about the artist
Claire Verkleij, owner and founder of Let The Colors Speak.Claire is an intuitive visual artist where colors form the basis of every work of art she creates. It always starts with a color and the rest follows automatically. Colors have a power, a power to evoke a feeling and tell a story. Colors allow you to communicate in a way that words cannot convey.

Let The Colors Speak offers a collection of colorful art products.
More about Let The Colors Speak can be found at

Learn more about Pelusa
Gastropub Pelusa in Amsterdam North has been open since January. It is a place to enjoy good beers on tap and bottled/canned, cider and (natural) wines. A place for enjoyment of life!

More information about Pelusa can be found at

Visiting address for the exhibition 'Golden Future' by Let The Colors Speak
Gastropub Pelusa
Leen Jongewaardkade 41
1031HS Amsterdam

Opening hours
From March 8 to April 30, 2023